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Proposal 29 – The Future Home and Birthplace of Don Davenport

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5051 Baltimore Avenue

The future home and birthplace of Don Davenport, film director, the kino-bard of West Philadelphia, and illegitimate son of Dawn Davenport and Roscoe Nice. Born in 2015, his biological parents meet once, at Mr. Nice’s ‘Theater Tweakers’, a live performance of his wildly popular ‘Film Tweakers’ internet radio series. Ms. Davenport will raise Don here, on Baltimore Avenue, in a building that does or will occupy this site.

Davenport’s alternating cinematic portraits of the grit and gloss of West Philadelphia’s conflicting social communities and cultural milieus will be embraced by all citizens of the community. His first short, ‘Night of the Chase’, filmed within the underground of plasma-ATV racing, will be seen as a sociological dissection and at the same time, a kick-ass thrill ride. His biopic, ‘Tweaking with Roscoe’, a meditation on his failed relationship with Mr. Nice, will be his most personal project, and will be beloved for its depiction of mid-twenty-first-century family decay, and for its honest treatment of Mr. Nice’s humiliating death in a 30th Street Station toilet stall.

Davenport will die, of course, but that will be somewhere else.


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